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On this website you can find all information on Research Committee 21 (RC21) "Political Socialization and Education" of the International Political Science Association (IPSA) and on the journal "Politics, Culture and Socialization".

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    Recent Conference 17-20 April 2019, in Athens, Greece, by the Communication Institute of Greece (COMinG), co-sponsored by the IPSA Research Committee on Political Socialization and Education RC21 and RC29.

    Conference Chairs

    Christ`l De Landtsheer, Professor, director Political Communication Research Unit, University of Antwerp, Belgium

    Christian Schnee, Lecturer in Politics, IES - Institute for the International Education of Students, United Kingdom

    Helen Shestopal, Chair of Psychology and Sociology of Politics, Lomonosow Moscow State University

    Main Theme: “Leaders, Communication, and Politics”

    We invite papers that "address the interface between communication and politics, examine the use of (social) media, visuals, and rhetoric in political campaigns and the presentation, performance and personality of leaders. Cordially welcome are also investigations into communication and political socialization, public opinion formation and political participation. We also hope to see papers that address the interactions between the (social) media and intermediary organizations such as interest groups and political parties. Last but not least, we welcome scholars with an interest in political marketing and PR processes in government and the role the (social) media play in local and informal forms of governance".

    The thematology of this conference, includes, but not limits to 'Politics and Mass Media', 'Political Rhetoric', 'Political Psychology', 'Political Socialization', 'Methods in political psychology and political communication'.

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    Politics, Culture and Socialization is our own scientific international journal in the field of political socialization, culture, education, leadership, language and psychology.

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