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International Hellenic conference of political science: New Challenges, New Answers (HEPO2019)

17-20 April 2019, Athens, Greece

The International Hellenic conference of political science: New Challenges, New Answers (HEPO2019) is a new interdisciplinary platform for the presentation of empirical and theoretical work that is reflective of a highly dynamic political arena both domestically and internationally. The conference is seeking to receive contributions by scholars who recognise that political science needs to vindicate its relevance by tackling today's challenges while predicting the themes ahead. We aim to establish a hub for academics that engage with peers over the latest advances and research results in any sub-field of Political Science, International Relations, and Political Communication, both in the shape of empirical and theoretical work. The theme of the conference is meant to inspire and bring together academic leaders, researchers, and scholars who like to think outside the box and transcend their disciplinary domain. While offering a forum to established academics we also like to see proposals from a new generation of researchers as well as outstanding research students who like to share their work, receive feedback and exchange ideas with faculty from all around the world.

Conference Leaders

  1. Dr. Christ`l De Landtsheer, Professor, director Political Communication Research Unit, University of Antwerp, Belgium.
  2. Dr. Christian Schnee, Lecturer in Politics, IES - Institute for the International Education of Students, United Kingdom.
  3. Dr. Helen Shestopal, Professor, Chair of Psychology and Sociology of Politics, Lomonosow Moscow State University.

Supporting organizations are the IPSA RC21 (Political Socialization and Education) and RC29 (Psycho-politics).

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