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International Political Science Association (IPSA)
XXII World Congress of Political Science, Madrid (Spain), July 8-12 2012

Between July 8th and 12th 2012, the 22nd World Congress of Political Science by the International Political Science Association (IPSA) was held in Madrid, Spain. The presence of RC21 on Political Socialization and Education was certainly not unnoticed, including the organization of six panels , all of them broadly attended by several of our members and other interested academics. We also gratefully thank everyone who was willing to chair or co-chair, or appeared as discussant in one or more of the panels. All this efforts, the good organization, the nice weather and the pleasant meetings with colleagues turned the congress in a big success.

Additionally, RC21 was able to organize a Business Meeting of the Research Unit at the conference venue. At the meeting, both a new board and a new president were elected. Maria Marczewska- Rytko of Marie Curie Sklodowska University, Lublin (Poland) succeeded Christ’l De Landtsheer as a president of IPSA RC21.

Furthermore, a number of new board members were appointed that reflects the international and interdisciplinary character of IPSA RC21: Song Yingfa (China University of Mining and Technology, China); Tatiana Pisheheva (Moscow State University, Russia); Arkadiusz Zukowski (University of Mazuria, Poland); Bernard Fournier (Free University of Brussels, Belgium); Shivaputra Patagundi (Karnatak University, India); Yoshinobu Araki (University of Tokyo, Japan); Niels Kristensen (University of Aalborg, Denmark) and Hilde Van Liefferinge (University Ghent, Belgium).

Continuity is provided for in IPSA RC21 as Lieuwe Kalkhoven (University of Antwerp, Belgium), who has been a Webmaster for RC21 since 3 years, now becomes the RC21 general secretary, while Philippe De Vries (University of Antwerp, Belgium) stays the RC21 (and RC29) treasurer for another 3 years, and Christ’l De Landtsheer as a first past president becomes a vice-president.

Added to the new board are, furthermore, second past president Daniel B. German (Appalachian State University, USA) and third past president Russell Farnen; first past secretary general Trond Solhaug (Norway University of Science and Technology, Norway), second past secretary general Heinz Süncker (University of Wuppertal, Germany), and third past secretary general Henk Dekker (Leiden University, the Netherlands). See here for a full overview of RC21’s new Governing Board.

The Research Committee on Political Socialization and Education (IPSA RC21) decided to continue its fruitful cooperation with the sister- Research Committee on Psycho-politics (IPSA RC29, president Ofer Feldman and vice-president Paul Dekker), and with the international scientific journal Politics, Culture and Socialization (Barbara Budrich Publishing).

At the Business meeting, two destinations for future RC21(RC29) meetings were confirmed: Moscow, Russia (October 2012, hosted by Helen Shestopal ) and Xuzhou, China (September 2013, hosted by Song Yingfa). Proposals for other meetings of RC21-RC29 are Brussels, Belgium and Dharwad, India. All will meet at the general IPSA Congress in Montreal, Canada (July 2014) and the general IPSA Congress in Istanbul (July 2016) where each time RC21 will hold its session and is allowed to organize 10 panels.

News about other past and coming exciting IPSA RC21 events (in collaboration with RC29) can be found on this website of the IPSA Research Committee on Political Socialization and Education (RC21) at the Conference Section

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