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International Political Science Association (IPSA)
XXIII World Congress of Political Science, Montreal (Canada), July 8-12 2014

Between last year’s RC21-29 ‘Expert Meetings’ in September 2013 (Xuzhou, China) and this year’s meeting in Lublin, Poland, our Research Committee made its attendance at the IPSA World Congress in 2014. After the very successful meeting in Madrid in 2012, this year’s International Political Science Association (IPSA) World Conference toke place between July-19-24 2014 in Montreal, Canada.

With so many dedicated members and friends, as Madrid 2012 has pointed out, RC21 on Political Socialization and Education was looking forward to meeting most of them again as well as many new faces in our field of research. The broad call to everyone to join us at the IPSA World Conference in Montreal by submitting a panel and/or a paper proposal has been heard! We were very pleased to see the great response that we received to the call. It is good to see the massive enthusiasm within our academic field of interest, as many have joined us either as paper presenter, chair and vice-chair, and/or discussant. The program contained no less than nine (!) RC21 panels at the IPSA World Congress in July 19-24, 2014.

Panels in RC21 Political Socialization and Education:

  • A changing world, a changing educational system: dealing with globalization and new cultural and political values in middle and higher education and socialization ?(Chair: Dr. Vijay Laxmi Pandit)??
  • Active citizenship and patriotism among the youth (Chair: Dr. Miro Hacek)
  • Citizenship education - trends and developments (Chair: to be announced)
  • Educating the vast social themes. Processes of socialization and educational reformation regarding democratic values, justice, and ethics ?(Chair: Dr. Yoshinobu Araki) ??
  • Political participation and the voice of the unheard (Chair: Prof. Orit Ichilov)
  • Political Participation of Young People in Changing Contexts (Chair: Dr. Bernard Fournier)
  • Political socialization of children (Chair: Dr. Simone Abendschön)
  • Populist language and leadership in the contemporary world (Chair: Prof. Maria Marczewska-Rytko)
  • The depiction of others: dealing with populism and polarization in divided societies. Questions of ethnicity and diversity in political socialization processes ?(Chair: Prof. Christ'l Landtsheer)

We thank everyone who was involved for their cooperation, either as a chair, discussant or anything else, and a special thank you to all the paper presenters for making the panels very interesting and alive. Hopefully we will meet again at one of the upcoming conferences!

At the Business meeting, two destinations for future RC21(-RC29) meetings were confirmed: India (September 2015) and Potsdam, Germany (in 2016, hosted by Ingo Junchler). Further we will all meet at the next general IPSA World Congress in Istanbul, Turkey (July 2016) where again RC21 will hold its session and is allowed to organize 10 panels.

Further very good news, is that cofounder and former president of RC21 Christ'l De Landtsheer, has been re-elected as the Research Committees' Liaison Representative of IPSA! We congratulate Christ'l on this impressive and important job.

News about other past and coming exciting IPSA RC21 events (in collaboration with RC29) can be found on this website of the IPSA Research Committee on Political Socialization and Education (RC21) at the Conference Section

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