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Instructions for authors

Since the journal’s circulation is worldwide, the journal welcomes contributions from authors in all parts of the world. Manuscripts should be submitted to the Editors.

Authors’ responsibilities include the following:

  • Submit a manuscript which has not been submitted for publication or published in any other publication.
  • Get written permission to publish lengthy quotations, illustrations, etc. for which the author does not own the copyright.
  • Send an electronic version (in Microsoft Word) of the manuscript to the Editorial Board Secretary in order to start the peer review process. Manuscripts can from now on only be sent by e-mail. See Contact for further information.

Manuscript preparation instructions:

  • Use standard American English.
  • Submission in other languages (Spanish, Italian, French or German) is possible.
  • Use Microsoft Word to produce the manuscript.
  • Type the title of the article, the name of the author(s), the university affiliation and the correspondence address on the cover page.
  • The title should briefly indicate the exact subject of the article.
  • Type the title also on the first page of your text.
  • The advised length of the manuscripts is 10.000 words (reference list excluded)
  • The article should begin with a summary abstract of about 130 words.
  • A list of three to six keywords should be provided directly below the abstract. These key words should express the most important content of the manuscript, as they will be used for indexing purposes.
  • The text should be as concise and clear as possible.
  • Use as few figures and illustrations as possible and only if necessary to clarify the text. Figures and illustrations must be originals or sharp clear photo copies. Number them sequentially, give each a descriptive title, and refer to them in the text. Put each figure and illustration on a separate page at the end of the manuscript.
  • Use as few tables as possible and only if necessary to clarify the text. Number them sequentially, give each a descriptive title, and refer to them in the text. Check data for accuracy and make sure that information repeated in the text is correct. Each table should be comprehensible without reference to the text. Put each table on a separate page at the end of the manuscript.
  • Do not use foot- or endnotes. Include all necessary reference information directly in the text ( e.g. Brown, 1999, pp. 22-25).
  • Check out the rules for references, citations and the reference list in the box below.
  • Use the Harvard style as a further guide for the in text references and the reference list. You can find detailed information on the Harvard style here.
  • References should include Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) where applicable.
  • Check that all text references cited are listed and that all references listed are cited in the text.
  • Check that the spellings of names and publication years in the text agree with the list of references.
  • Number each page.


In Text

Author(s) (year)
(Author and author, year)
(Author, year, p(age). nr.)
(Author, year A, year B)
(e.g. Author A, year; Author B, year)

In Reference List

Author, X., Author, Y. & Author, Z. (year). Title. Place: Publisher.

Author, X. (year). Chapter Title. In Editor, Y. (Ed.), Book Title (pp. x-y). Place: Publisher.

Author, X. (year). Title. (Subtitle). In Journal, vol (nr), pp. x-y.


Johnson (2012)
(De Landtsheer , Broen and Kalkhoven, 2011)
(Johnson, 2012, p. 200); (Johnson, 2012, pp. 195-196)
(Taggart, 1995, 2000)
(e.g. Johnson, 2011; Wilson, 1995)


Laclau, E. and Mouffe, C. (1985). Hegemony and Socialist Strategy. Towards a Radical Democratic Politics. London: Verso.

Marcus, G.E. (2003). The Psychology of Emotion and Politics. In D.O. Sears, L. Huddy, & R. Jervis (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Political Psychology (pp. 182-221). New York: Oxford University Press.

Taggart, P. (1995). New populist parties in Western Europe. In West European Politics, 18 (1), pp. 34-51.

Postal (and e-mail) addresses:

Manuscripts should be sent to the Editorial Board Secretary Ganna Diedkova. Correspondence of written mail can be sent, to the attention of Christ'l De Landtsheer, regarding Politics, Culture and Socialization, to the following post address: University of Antwerp, Department of Communication Studies, Sint-Jacobstraat 2, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

Books for review should be sent to the Managing Editor Christ'l De Landtsheer.

Recommendations for upcoming conferences can be sent to Ganna Diedkova.

Subscription and advertising communications should be addressed to the publisher: Verlag Barbara Budrich, Stauffenbergstr.7, D-51379, Leverkusen-Opladen, Germany.

Review procedure

The journal is committed to high standards of peer review. Each manuscript accepted for review by the managing editor is evaluated by two or more scholars active and publishing in the field of political socialization. Their evaluations help the Executive Editors decide whether to publish a manuscript. The main criteria used in making editorial decisions are scientific originality and contribution to the field of knowledge about political socialization and behavior. The author(s) will be notified of the review process's outcome as soon as possible, which can either mean that the submission is (conditionally) accepted, or the manuscript needs revision and resubmission, or the submission is rejected. After a manuscript has been accepted for publication and after all revisions have been incorporated, the author must submit a final version of the article, including full corrected references (list). Adjustments regarding the lay-out are of the editors' and publishers' concern.

Before publication, the author will receive a proof copy to check for typographical errors only. The proof copy and corrections must be returned to the editors within two weeks of receipt together with a statement transferring copyright from the author(s) to the publisher.
In case of publication: the author(s) will receive a copy of the issue that includes his/her article authomatically after publication.

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