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Table of contents 'Politics, Culture and Socialization' vol. 4, nr. 1

1. Articles

  • Igor Yu. Kiselev & Anna G. Smirnova
    Deprivation of needs as the mechanism in the formation of the protest political moods

  • Olga Bukreeva
    Perception of Russian political power and political leaders in the conceptual area of demotivational posters

  • Tatiana Samsonova
    Civic Education for the 21st Century: Russia and the USA

  • Olga Mitina & Victor Petrenko
    Psychosemantic study of the political mind of the contemporary Russian political elite.

  • Irina V. Samarkina
    Political world view in the context of political socialization theory: cross-temporal and cross-regional comparisons

  • Antonina Selezneva
    Psychological Analysis of the Young Generation in Contemporary Russia

  • Dmitry A. Lanko
    ‘Stakes are High in the Middle East’: Comparative Risk Acceptance by Presidents George W. Bush of the United States and Vladimir V. Putin of the Russian Federation through the Lens of Regionalism

2. Book Reviews

  • Ludo Abicht
    The Impacts of Lasting Occupation. Enduring Challenges and Emerging Answers. By Bar-Tal, D. & Schnell, I.

  • Marieke van Egmond
    Cultural Foundations of Learning: East and West. By Jin Li.

  • Daniel B. German
    Polygon of Satan: Ethnic Traumas and Conflicts in the Caucasus. By Anatoly Isaenko. ‘Authoritarianism. Conclusions based on a cross-national perspective’. By Dr. Sabrina de Regt (doctoral dissertation).
    Reviewed by Russell Farnen

3. Conference Information

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