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Table of contents 'Politics, Culture and Socialization' vol. 6, nr. 1/2 (double issue)

1. Articles

  • 'Not easily Embarrassed: Political Metaphor and the Cooperative Construction of Political Identity in the Russian State Duma', by Richard D. Anderson (USA)

  • 'How Can the European Project Be Saved? Between Elaboration and Dismissal. An Analysis of Documentaries Broadcast by Public Italian Television on Terrorist Violence and Ideology during the Anni di Piombo', by Giovanna Leone, Gloria Gabrielli, Bruno Mazzara and Alice Roseti (Italy)

  • 'The Effects of Counterfactual Attacks and Defences in Politics', by Patrizia Catellani and Mauro Bertolotti(Italy)

  • '"A Piece of Trash of the Worst Cabinet Ever". The Rhetorical Use of Exaggeration by the Dutch Populist 'Party for Freedom'', by Lieuwe Kalkhoven (Belgium)

  • 'Collectivism and Individualism in Political Speeches from the UK, Japan and the USA: a Cross-cultural Analysis', by Peter Bull (UK)

  • 'Political Color of Metaphor, with Focus on Black: The Rise and Fall of the Flemish Extreme Right Vlaams Blok and Vlaams Belang', by Christ'l De Landtsheer (Belgium)

  • 'The Tea Party Movement in The United States: Democracy in Action or Democracy in Disarray', by Robert E. Gilbert (USA)

  • 'Does Family Politicization Affect Party Membership Activity? A Study of Four Flemish Parties', by Bram Wauters and Hilde Van Liefferinge (Belgium)

  • 'Beyond Frequency of Discussions: Understanding How Discussions with Parents Relate to Adolescent Political and Civic Development', by Hebbah Elgindy and Lauree Tilton-Weaver (Sweden)

  • 'Political Efficacy among Adolescents from Different Sectors Studying in Different Tracks whithin the Israeli Education System ', by Sara Zamir and Shmuel Chichek (Israel)

  • 'The State of America Today II: The Move to a DICE Economy', by Daniel B. German (USA)

2. Book Reviews

  • 'Right-Wing Populism in Europe: Politics and Discourse'. By Ruth Wodak, Majid Khosravinik and Brigitte Mral (2013)
    Reviewed by Petronella Schijvenaars

  • 'Narcissism and Politics, Dreams of Glory'. By J.M. Post (2015)
    Reviewed by Annelien Van Remoortele

  • 'Freedom Rising. Human Empowerment and the Quest for Emancipation'. By Christian Welzel (2013)
    Reviewed by Christian Nestler

  • 'Political Psychology, Neuroscience, Genetics and Politics'. By George E. Marcus (2013)
    Reviewed by Russell F. Farnen
  • 'Understanding Interreligious Relations'. By D. Cheetham, D. Pratt and D. Thomas (2013)
    Reviewed by Magali Clobert
  • 'The Political Psychology of Israeli Prime Ministers. When Hard-Liners Opt for Peace'. By Yael S. Aronoff (2014)
    Reviewed by Yannick Van Hoof

3. Conference Information

Content: Christ'l De Landtsheer
: Ganna Diedkova
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