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Table of contents 'Politics, Culture and Socialization' vol. 6, nr. 1/2 (double issue)

1. Articles - Abstracts

    Articles No. 1

  • 'The development of political knowledge in adolescence: The importance of information-rich socialization contexts', by Soetkin Verhaegen and Joris Boonen

  • 'Contestation and Constitution: Civil Disobedience in the 2012-2014 Refugee Protests in Germany', by Johannes Diesing

  • 'A Critical Analysis of the Media Discourse in daily newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza. Based on the Example of the Nationwide Referendum in Poland in 2015', by Maria Marczewska-Rytko

  • 'Gender Equality and Political Participation in Ukraine after the Euromaidan revolution', by Oleksii Polegkyi

    Articles No. 2. Special Issue on Methods for Studies in Politics, Culture & Socialization (I).

  • 'Rhetorical devices and audience responses in Norwegian political speeches', by Stine Iversen and Peter Bull

  • 'Linguistic discourse analysis as a tool for analyzing political communication', by Martina Temmerman

  • 'Talking politics at the dinner table: stereotypes in children's political choices', by Christ'l De Landtsheer, Lieuwe Kalkhoven, Wannes Heirman and Philippe De Vries

  • 'The moderating role of political interest: Investigating involvement in institutional and non-institutional political participation among young adults in Sweden', by Viktor Dahl, Ali Abdelzadeh and Sofia Sohl

2. Book Reviews

  • Why Irrational Politics Appeals: Understanding the Allure of Trump. By Mari Fitzduff (2017)
    Reviewed by Charlotte Schaalje

  • The Clash of The Titans: A psycho-political cartography of Belgian politics. By Christ'l De Landtsheer and Pascal De Sutter (2011)
    Reviewed by Annelies Verschueren

  • The All New Don't Think of an Elephant. By George Lakoff (2014)
    Reviewed by Jana Van Wymeersch
  • The Polythink Syndrome, U.S. Foreign Policy Decisions on 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and ISIS. By Alex Mintz and Carly Wayne (2016)
    Reviewed by Lauren Deckers
  • Propaganda and counter-terrorism. Strategies for global change. By Emma Louise Briant (2016)
    Reviewed by Martine van Minnen
  • Confounding Powers. Anarchy and International Society from the Assassins to Al Qaeda. By William J. Brenner (2016)
    Reviewed by Lauren Vandenbroeck

3. Conference Information

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: Ganna Diedkova
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